Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Reasons to stay in Hong Kong: 001

Some of you may know I've got a one way ticket to Hong Kong. My mum got the ticket for me so it wasn't by choice I made that decision but it opened a door for me. As I hopefully graduate this year I'm looking for experience, career and opportunities. I think there's opportunities for me in Hong Kong but I'm just not sure what it is yet.

In the pass 3 days I saw videos lead me to believe in staying in HK for my career. Although those things might not be talking about Hong Kong or filmmaking directly, I thought it connects with me and my situation directly. In these posts I am going to write about the three videos to make make me believe in Hong Kong Films.

On Sunday 2nd November around 5:00am I saw a documentary on expats in Korea, Seoul.

Foreigners living in Seoul for an unknown extensive time. This is episode 1 of the series. I watched all three of the released episode til 6am and fell asleep thinking. If I go back to Hong Kong to work I would be more of a foreigner than a local, it would be a great experience to connect back to my roots, restart my life, meet new creatives and film enthusiast. They said Seoul is like a melting pot and Asia is the Europe of our era.

P.S. They shot these episodes with 3 Canon 5D Mark III, incredible.

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