Monday, 25 March 2013

Being Press

Uma Thurman & Donnie Yen

I've been working in Hong Kong for 3 weeks now, running around chasing celebrities. Holding on my monopod, camera, microphone, headphone and cables everywhere I go. Getting told off by staff about recording intellectual property and all kinds of madness. Then I return to the office edit out all the shaky footage, videos where I forgot to stop recording, weird moments of celebrities.

The jobs are fun, you get to see people you admire, you look up to or even had a crush on. You see how they try to bring out the best of themselves to the camera, for the reporters and for the audience. Downside is that you don't really have time to look at your stars in awe, most of the time you are concentrating on the camera shot and trying to get the best out of the celebrity before they are gone, and when they are gone you'll be unhappy that you didn't get a chance to do what you'll like to do as a fan and all you can do is brag about who you saw.

Amanda S

In this field you really try to be efficient and fast. Shooting only necessary things to save battery, time. Travelling light for running around locations and editing a video within a certain timeframe.

Quantity  > Quality

Being able to shoot around 3-5 events and edit around 3 3min videos a week forces you to compromise quality. You need to supply content therefore you can't make a finer edit.

Although this is a wonderful experience I do not want to be in the field being a reporter.

Beatrix Kiddo vs Snowman
P.S. Another advantage being press is that you get access to most events and most of the time you get the front row seat or the best spots in the house. Front on in fashion shows, red carpet, store openings etc.


  1. that is so awesome dude. anywhere we can see the final edited video?

    1. I'll will post it to u... not sure when the video will be approved though...