Monday, 10 December 2012

Reasons to Stay in Hong Kong: 002

The next day 3rd November 5:00am I saw another video.

Made by a small crew of passionate people in Malaysia. The other reason why I would wanted to stay in Hong Kong is because of the people. It is a fast paced culture and people react in a faster efficient way. In Australia I have encountered too many talkers, they chill more than they do. They dream and talk about ideas when they've never taken action or the task is far from practical.

After watching the video above I looked into D1 Production's other videos such as 血魚,  The Making of Canon 650D TV Commercial and their 血魚 behind the scenes. All of the crew members are dedicated in their work, full of passion and the video reflects it. It's not an ordinary YouTube quality video but one that is like a micro-film, one that is capable of winning international short film fests.

In my opinion I think there are more people more passionate making a Hong Kong film than an Australian film. Also it is easier to recuit and build a proactive, dedicated and professional team in Hong Kong than Sydney.


  1. so i heard, now i get why you post these HK stuff.

    didnt get to say bye

    so i will come to HK one day to say hi