Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Macau Once More

I don't know if I can call it coincidence/fate/god/luck/karma/life/chance or whatever synonym there is to explain my past week.

On Tuesday I went to a day trip to Macau with my dad. We bought the ticket at a shop and headed to Macau. The weather was pouring rain, foggy and we could bare see what was happening. We explored casinos and walk around the city central for 7~8 hours. I took my Nikormat film camera and shot 1.5 rolls of film... around 50 shots of Macau and 20 shots of Hong Kong I shot earlier.

On Wednesday I headed to my camera shop early in the morning and took my film to develop. In the afternoon when I went to collect it the shop owner said my 2 rolls were blanks... ... nothing was in the rolls... and I was left with two blank exposed film and had to pay $50 for nothing... The shop owner told me to return with my camera for check up... I couldn't believe that since I know I took a few good shots and a few shots of my dad when he was going to leave Hong Kong soon and I didn't know the next time I will see him... I couldn't capture my moments with my dad because of my rookie mistakes...

On Thursday night I got a phone call from my boss telling me that we are going to Macau for a shoot on Saturday.

On Friday the camera shop owner lectured me about film and taught me techniques to avoid the same mistakes...

On Sunday I stayed in Macau after the shoot and try to relive and retake some of the shots I took on Tuesday. The day was cloudy... so I didn't get the nice effect on Tuesday where I had the wet ground full of rich reflections.

On Tuesday I developed my film... this time... they all came out nicely!!!

The best ones would be at: http://visualdocumentary.tumblr.com/

Feels like Hong Kong

Dead End School

Don't Cross the Yellow Line

Everything is happened at such a right timing that I'm surprised myself... When I receive a film camera, the 2 months contract job, The film production company opportunity, returning Macau. I mean the time slots fits in so perfectly that it freaks me out a little... Although I wasn't able to retrieve photos of my dad I think it made me even more careful next time I take photos with my fim camera.

Mistakes are the process of success right?!

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