Monday, 29 April 2013

Brief Job Description

Many of my friends ask me

"So what exactly does your company in Hong Kong do?"

I've decided to answer this question here so I don't have to answer it over and over and over again... Right now I've been shooting videos, for many purposes.... the one that I most frequently shoot for is Hong Kong's FashionTV.

Shot & Edited

Not my proudest edit nor shoot but... the nicer ones hasn't been uploaded yet... But that's what I'm doing now... going to shows and events to video and document for FashionTV.

Second type of video I make is for Dragon-i... a nightclub in Hong Kong.

Shot & Edited

Second time shooting nightclubs... first one was the one with Akon at Club Cubic located in Macau. you can also find this video on their Dragon-i Website

Third type of video is for our own production house... called Xin Wang. Right now what we done is we've bought two DJs Paul Oakenfold and Afrojack and I've edited a little promo video before they arrive in Hong Kong.


Surprisingly these video has been getting 20,000+ views on Youtube and s by for the most popular thing I've edited.

So these are the three names I work for mostly. Xin Wang (my employer), FashionTV and Dragon-i...

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