Sunday, 24 February 2013

Thoughts on shooting with film

I apologise for not posting enough these days when I'm in Hong Kong. I haven't had much time to sit down to scan at videos on websites or to type out something worthy of posting.

One thing I had time for is the film camera I take around Hong Kong to shoot as I travel around town. I take it almost every time I head out and looking like an absolute tourist.

After processing three rolls of film I had built up some sort of an idea I want to write down about the difference in film and digital photography.

Film has it own charm. It forces you to teach yourself about photography basics and getting a better fundamental. When I shoot in film I didn't know how my image look until 2 weeks later when I retrieve it from the photography shop. 80% of the images were horrible, I had to learn why and what mistakes I made for this to happen.

"You were too dependent on the exposure meter!"

"ASA 200 can't take indoor or night shots, it's too dark."

"You are looking a lot of detail on the dark sides."

"You can't point your camera towards the sun!"

Those were the comments of the shop staff and owner. When they told me that I've already taken 3 rolls of film and in the back of my mind thinking "Oh shit, I've wasted 3 rolls of film." Each shot taken by my film camera I had to think carefully and how the image would come out 3 weeks later. I had to start remembering what I've taken, how I took it and how to correct it next time. It excites me every time opening the patch of photos I've developed and seeing which ones came out best and sharing it with others.

Here are some of the horrible ones I've taken with my camera.

The good ones ends up on my Tumblr Blog:

Located too dark, losing detail

The outdoor was too bright

Night, not enough light

Exposure compensated for the sky

P.S I really hope Nevets start posting his roll of film series again.

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