Saturday, 6 October 2012

Animals Eating Animals

What a great title to a video food blog that introduce food ventures in New York ranging from duck blood to pork face.

There is alot of food video blogs floating around especially for NY but I think it pays abit more attention to the video making. The typography, the intro, the b-rolls. The chefs also knows how to describe the food and have character which definitely helps engaging the audience.

They also dig into the chefs and bartenders in their secrets to their recipe. The video is also short and clean which I think is a smart move to make the audience keep following and clicking for the next episode... like me lol.

I would love to make videos like this for Sydney too but I'll definitely have to find the right people to host the show. Anyone interested or recommends people? Might start planning this for 2012 video making :D

I would post the first three episodes here, click READ MORE for the rest.

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