Thursday, 18 October 2012

New GoPro, New Hero

The lightweight camcorder that is currently dominating the extreme sports world has taken to new heights.

 The new GoPro Hero3 that can shoot crazy quailty... more than the DSLRs which can only shoot 1080p HD while this can shoot an incredible 4000p @ 12 frames per sec (which I don't understand why it's 12 yet...). 4Kp is the equal quality on the cinema screen... I'm not saying this can start shooting films but it's incredible quality packed in the size of your hand.

Other features such as 12MP fps burst for photos and 720p 120fps for video. It is also WiFi built in so you can control it whenever you want.

Damn... I want one of those...

By the way Sony came out a Action Cam this year as well.... It's only the same quality as the old GoPro Hero2... but the same price as the Hero3.... you be the judge...

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  1. YES!!! gopro is the bomb. If only my life was interesting enough to justifying buying one.