Monday, 2 April 2012

Career Crisis

As one of our blogger Allie E posted before about people's crisis with their career, life, money and everything in the future.

In this post I want to elaborate on that too. I want to emphasis how important it is to be doing something you love and passionate about. The obvious reasons is that it's something you'll enjoy to do everyday and all that sentimental stuff, but what everyone cares about is:

 "How do I know I'm going to be successful in what I love doing?"

First of all let's establish what's the meaning of being passionate, the definition of "passion". I personally define that as "Something you would prioritise, initiate to start and doing it for countless hours a day, then wake up and be willing to continue on." If you can do that with your work then I define you as passionate.

Only the best can be successful and being passionate drives you to be the best.

While I was working I was listening to an interview by Chase Jarvis an incredibly successful photographer interviewing Allegra Wilde an international portfolio reviewer. This was an eye opener for me and I definitely agreed on what they have discussed in their long interview.

One of the key points that they have discussed about is presenting your most passionate work to others and that will distinct yourself from the rest which I believe to be very true.

If this interview is too long for you to concentrate on then play it as a background and listen to it while your are working or studying. It will help anyone who is trying to develop a strong portfolio for themselves.

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