Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Revive your boots

In December I tore off one of the laces in my boots when I was about to go to the Foo Fighters concert but I managed to tie it off and head to Rock & Roll. For the past half a year I've been wearing my pair of Zara boots which a torn off lace until yesterday I went into a shoe shop and bought myself some fine leather laces. 

I have had these boots for a year now and it's been through the snow in Tokyo, the streets of Hong Kong, the sand in Adelaide and the rain in Sydney. I've had compliments with these boots but with my new laces I think I have updated them to a trendier version, plus with these leather laces it won't torn on me so easily as the ones before.

If you have any old boots stash in a dusty corner you can try buying new laces and bring them back to life!

Let's tread more lands with style!

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