Thursday, 9 August 2012

Creative Cinematography by Shwood

Well everyone is trying to be creative these days, it's the way to stand out from the crowd and really embed their work in people's mind, it's been very competitive.

I think one of the ways to become more creative is definitely become more knowledgeable in your field which can be turn into skill.

I just discovered an new technique in this video. Although it's a old technique it hasn't been used in many videos which brings a fresh look into their Lookbook video.

How they achieve this technique is calld "Steroscopy". It creates an illusion to the audience of a 3D depth video. It is achieved by simultaneously recording two video side by side and switching between the shot between moments.

I guess the idea behind using the technique because it is related to eye wear, two optics side by side. Like blinking left and right repetitively.

Anyway I've definitely learnt something, and might be useful in my future videos :)

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  1. hey! ive seen something like that before! Cool! didnt know thats how u do it.