Sunday, 8 July 2012


Firstly it's a perfect match with the name  of this blog. A visual documentary, a visual diary. The elements that are captured in each roll of film are like a record of my experience, my mind set my emotion and events. It may not appear as interesting to the audiences at the moment, but i do hope in the future we can witness an improvement in how I convey the meanings of my journey , as well as the actual journey itself .

There are no themes, anything that interest me, anything that interest her.  When time goes by and when I look back, pictures may link and create a story underneath.  Life is reincarnation, events repeat itself, everyday life can be hideous. We all get lost sometimes, the important thing is how we find our way back. 

A.Roll.of.Film.A.Week [(4.67+14.45)x52]-13x19.12=745.68

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