Friday, 1 June 2012

Where to next?

I just want to take an opportunity to talk about passion. As a person in my early twenties with complete motivation and drive to succeed, sometimes I can be thrown off a bit about what to succeed in. So lost about what I am to do and where I am to go, only knowing that I have the energy to go the distance. And I hear that a lot of recent graduates are feeling the same way. They're finally at the end of their degree, they face the world and its wealth of opportunities, but somehow something doesn't feel right. No clear direction jumps to mind, no job lined up for them, no career aspiration to be chasing in their respective degrees.They are not passionate about what they do and they want to go into
something else. So in my unaurthorised opinion, two frames of references arise. One, that they feel they should be doing something they like, rather than to be stuck in a office job with old people, and two, they know they should be doing something they like but they don't know what this is. Which comes to the question of passion and effective planning...

I 'm always hearing of the importance of finding a mentor, somebody who can steer you in the right direction, but unfortunately, I don't have one, so I have to find information elsewhere. Currently I am looking at the website that has video advice straight from the CEO on how to succeed and he tells of having a passion, from where you can build upon. He says planning your whole career now isn't going to work. You do what you are passionate in, seize the moment, surprise people positively and the rest will follow. Have a broad vision.
if you try to set your plan for your life on paper  from today-don't. Have a viision and freefall for a while and learn about yourself; know yourself and then your plans might firm up. 

So take to time to learn and be guided by the experience of this person, maybe something will apply to you and change the course of your life. Don't live with regrets, take the course of action now whilst you're young.


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